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Bharati Bangale

Ambadya. After reading post I switch on net www.aniruddha.tv. I got live Darshan of our beloved bapu at Jabalpur.

Anjana Mahajan, Maskat

Ambadnya to Bapuraya for making us listen Your golden words on Ramraksha and how Sage Budhakausik got the inspiration and God's grace to help the whole mankind by writing Ramraksha strotra.

We are Ambadnya to hear this in the voice of Poorva Kulkarni at English upasana in Mumbai, in English language through online telecast on Aniruddha TV, so it can reach to the whole universe. We are fortunate to hear our Sadguru Param Puja Shree Aniruddha Bapu's discourse on Ramraksha in 1996 online today. This telecast is now available live on every Sunday morning on Aniruddha TV. We are Ambadnya to Samirsinh Dattopadhye for making it available for us. Ambadnya and Hats off to Aniruddha TV team. The audio visual telecast was very clear and excellent. Ambadnya and waiting eagerly for next Sunday to hear Bapuraya's nectorlike words from Poorvaveera. HARIOM.SHREERAM.AMBADNYA

Girish Karulkar

Thanks to Aniruddha.tv for LIVE Streaming of Sundarkand Path. URL: http://aniruddha.tv/

It enable everyone at home to participate and chant Sundarkand peacefully. It was great experience.

Well done by team of Aniruddha.tv

Shruti Prabhu

Watching Twitter seminar on Aniruddha TV. Clear transmission, good content. Thank you @samirsinh189 and congratulations to the entire Aniruddha TV team.

Vinod Patil

Millions of thanks Samirsinh Dattopadhye for Aniruddha TV. Watching live streaming, and I feel that I am in Shri Harigurugram. I can see my dad from any part of the world. Ambadnya a lot.

Deepa De - Sharjah

Yes really words fall short for yesterday's live streaming from Harigurugram. What an opportunity for us to see our Param Pujya Dr.ANIRUDDHA DHAIRYADHAR JOSHI (our strength, our force, our beloved Sadguru). SriRam to the Aniruddha TV team of Mumbai and Laxmisinh from our Kendra for making this happen. Ambadnya Bapuraya.

Sapna Sunder - Singapore

A dream come true. Ambadnya Bapu for your kind generosity.

Aniket Satere - Kharghar, New Mumbai

Hari om. Yesterday I was watching Live streaming of gajar, 'HARIHAR ANIRUDDHA YE RE MAJYASATHI'. Which was sucessful frm mobile though it was buffering a little bit. We enjoyed watching the gajar. And quality was too good...I was streaming live from my HTC desire V and Samsung S4 too. I am using Vodafone network 3G.

Hats off to our Aniruddha TV team and Samirdada for taking this efforts.


Laxminarayan Khyatam - Sharjah

Just to describe live streaming we are speechless at the coverage. Other then explained by other centres the live steaming was crystal clear audio and video superb. Our center enjoyed large screen projection with presence of 100 Shraddhavans. We could see glimpses of Bapu at Shree Harigurugram when we go there it is difficult to get such glimpses of Bapu so closely.

Bapu blessing Shraddhavan. Bapu talking to Shraddhavan & comforting them. No words can describe this divine experience.

Ambadnya to Aniruddha TV team and all members who had done so much to give us such a splendid live coverage We at Sharjah really proud of Aniruddha team work. We are AMBADNYA.

Ashit Patel, Texas - USA

Audio and Video quality is super good. I think their is some internet speed issue but overall very good quality. As per my opinion Aniruddha TV team did really great job.

Ambadnya to all people who involved in effort to put live streaming together. Shree Ram and Ambadnya

Milind Sarpotdar - PUNE

Thank you for your constant updates on Whatsapp and other media regarding Live Streaming, we could plan and watch live. Thank you. It was a unique experience watching live telecast from Shri HariGurugram, watching Bapu, experiencing Bapu live on TV screen, experiencing Aarti..... It was as if we are present personally there, actually no as if, infact we were there. It was like dream come true. The streaming was smooth and beautiful without any major buffering.

आपल्या सदगुरुने श्री हरिगुरुग्रामच सर्व श्रद्धावानांच्या घरी नेले आणी हा अदभुत अनुभव या टीवी द्वारे प्रत्तेक श्रद्धावानाला दिला. पूज्य समिरदादा आणी Aniruddha TV team मधील सर्वांचे मनःपूर्वक अभिनन्दन. आणी आम्हा सर्वांचे शतःशः प्रणाम. "अनिरुद्धा तुझा मी किती ऋणी झालो, अनिरुद्धा तुझा मी किती ऋणी झालो।मी अन्बद्न्य आहे.

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